Sep 20, 2022

1.) Da Vittorio

Located in a Chateaux on the countryside about 45 minutes outside of Milan rests culinary excellence. Now when you think of 3 Michelin starred restaurant, you might feel as though you’re in for a rather stuffy crowd and staff with their noses to the sky, this place is anything but that. You’re greeted by the owners, who happen to be the maitre de, chefs and their mother, all family business here, which I admire. The ensure you feel welcomed and extension of their own family. I even brought my 9 month old daughter (at that time) along for this remarkable experience and the staff welcomed here with open arms and were fully accommodating to all of our diverse palates. Hands down the best meal you will eat in your life and having the entire team their be immensely hospitable makes the affair even more enjoyable. If I had a last meal it would surely be there.


2.) Atera

While this restaurant has 2 Michelin stars I believe that’s pure politics or for some reason I cannot fathom. This is by the best meal I’ve ever had in NYC along with the experience. It’s extremely intimate with one large kitchen counter so you have a front row seat to the show. The vast array of cooking techniques and flavors are ones that can rival literally any restaurant in the world. Along with the food it might be the ultimate service I’ve experienced in a restaurant, the entire staff were friendly and engaging and delivered both our meals and drinks with ultimate precision. As aforementioned, I’m not a drinker, so I found extra special that they had a non alcoholic drink menu to pair with every course — absurd. This restaurant is very close to my top spot if it weren’t for my abounding love for Italy.

3.) Lung King Heen

The only 3 Michelin starred Chinese restaurant in the world and undoubtedly so. Nestled inside the Four Season’s hotel in Hong Kong, overlooking the harbor, this is next level comfort food, turned exquisite fine dining. Be sure to try the barbecued pork, one of the best bites of food you will ever encounter. Also, I was pleasantly surprised with their vast array of teas served by their Tea sommeliers who must train 3-5 years prior to service. The serving ritual is certainly a video or instagram post, absolutely unbelievable process and dedication. Top rate meal and another spot that is family friendly which I truly commend in fine dining escapades.