FW17 collection

For Fall/Winter 2017 (FW17), Brett Johnson journeys to Virginia’s majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, the seat of his family home.

The blues and greens found in this landscape form the foundation of the Brett Johnson FW17 collection color palette. The Mountain’s ethereal “blue” hue is the result of an organically occurring compound the trees release into the atmosphere, resulting in both the distinctive color, as well as the characteristic, omnipresent haze.

Gradients of brown and grey underscore the season’s blues and greens, while taupes, yellows, and bold reds are this season’s accent colors, in homage to the beautiful sun as it sets over the mountain range.

Brett Johnson FW17 continues a measured exploration of classic sportswear forms through the use of innovative textile techniques and craftsmanship, blending time-honored artistry with the latest technical advances in textile manufacturing.

Soft tailoring, including relaxed, almost sporty trousers, define the season’s silhouette. Outerwear, the foundation of the Brett Johnson brand, is highlighted in novelty leathers, whether hand-painted or laser-cut, and silken wools. For example, this season’s bomber jacket juxtaposes denim blue jersey, dark brown suede edged in yellow, and the reverse leather in an arresting geometric motif that runs throughout the entire collection.

Knitwear in supple yak or superfine cashmere blends round out the season’s offerings.

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