About Brett Johnson

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Brett Johnson is today’s modern Renaissance man.

Raised in a family with an aptitude for entrepreneurial endeavors in conjunction with his ever-growing passion for both business and creative acumen, Johnson’s well-read background has played a key role in many of his accomplishments. The self-taught visionary has always relied upon his keen sense of individuality and infallible intuition to shape his designs.

Johnson has derived much of his design aesthetic from his childhood experiences. Unique opportunities while growing up to extensively travel with his family throughout Europe are what kept him captivated by the beautiful country of Italy. From the ornate architecture and revered culture to the distinct sartorial aesthetic and esteemed Italian pride-the country’s atmosphere was ripe with inspiration for a young man destined to make his creative mark on the world.

It was during this time that Johnson made his first foray into a design style that was all his own- with a pair of sneakers. Though the original shoes were initially very striking in look and feel, the style was also ubiquitous; everyone had them. To achieve a more personalized look, Johnson began sourcing unique leathers and fabrics while on his family trips. Upon his arrival back to the States, he took the materials and sneakers to a cobbler in New York City to be assembled. The final design was a shoe that was uniquely and wholly Brett Johnson.

The attention that the bespoke shoes garnered from spectators led Johnson to recognize the desire of others to express their own individuality through unique design. “People would sort of gravitate towards the style that I was creating, and I liked that,” says Johnson. As a result, he began selling his designs with notable success.

In the seventeen years since his sneaker transformation, Johnson has honed his aesthetic to appeal to a clientele with a refined taste in apparel and a lifestyle that embodies all the Italian nuances that he admires most.

Each piece has a distinct voice that speaks directly to the modern man who seeks timeless design, superior quality and effortless sophistication.