About Brett Johnson

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Brett Johnson is today’s modern, Renaissance man.

Raised in an American, entrepreneurial family and blessed with both creative and business acumen, the self-taught visionary has always relied upon his keen sense of individuality and infallible intuition to shape his designs.

Johnson’s aesthetic journey began as a child. During this period, he had the unique opportunity to travel extensively with his family, and it was on his family’s annual trips to Europe that Johnson fell in love with Italy. The ornate architecture, the revered Italian culture, the sartorial aesthetic, precision and pride, the atmosphere was ripe with inspiration for a young man predisposed to make his creative mark on the world.

At the time, Johnson owned a pair of Nike Air Force Ones. While beautiful, the sneakers were also ubiquitous; everyone had them. Desiring a more personalized look, Johnson began to source unique leathers and fabrics while on his trips. Once home, he took the leathers, the fabrics, and the sneakers to a cobbler in New York City to be assembled. The result was a shoe that was wholly unique and wholly Johnson.

“That’s really when I started exploring my own aesthetic and found a love and a passion for fashion,” says Johnson.

In the covetous stares Johnson’s shoes elicited, Johnson recognized other people’s desire to express their own individuality through unique design. “People would sort of gravitate towards the style that I was creating, and I liked that,” says Johnson. Soon, Johnson was selling his individual style for $295.00 per pair. And thus a fashion designer was born.

In the seventeen years that have elapsed since his Nike Air Force One makeover, Johnson has honed his individual design aesthetic. With Donna Karan and Kay Unger – his “Fashion Godmothers” as he affectionately refers to them – to guide him in production, Johnson launched his eponymous brand, BRETT JOHNSON, in 2013.

BRETT JOHNSON is a comprehensive collection of luxury menswear – outerwear, knitwear, woven shirts, and trousers – handcrafted in Florence, Italy. Using luxurious exotic skins and fine Italian fabrics, the collection echoes the spirit of fashion through time, re-imagined for today. The result is a distinct voice that speaks directly to the modern man who seeks timeless design, superior quality, and effortless sophistication.